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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

CISB is an English language instruction school.  As part of our application procedures, all non-native English speakers will complete an English assessment.  This 45 minute interview-style assessment gauges a student's English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills based on their grade level expectations.  This assessment will place a student within a range of Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 6 (Fluent).  A description of proficiency standards can be found by following this link :

EAL Proficiency Standards K-12

Students enrolling or returning to CISB are required to meet the minimum EAL proficiency levels if they are to be enrolled in the following grades:

  • Preschool to Grade 8 - no minimum level required

  • Grade 9 - minimum Level 3

  • Grade 10 - minimum Level 4

  • Grade 11 & 12 - minimum Level 5

 Students who achieve an EAL Level 1 through Level 4 are required to enrol into our in-school EAL program, described below, and will be periodically re-assessed within the school year to ensure their EAL level reflects their developing skills.

What is EAL at CISB?

At CISB we have a specialized EAL (English as an Additional Language) program designed to help students develop their English language abilities. Our students join us with different language abilities and we provide them with the tools and help they need to develop those skills.

Once enrolled in our EAL program at CISB, our students are offered additional English focused classes that are supported and taught in small class sizes within the school day. These small classes offer a low student to teacher ratio. With this extra support, our students have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a warm and nurturing environment.

The EAL department at CISB collaborates to ensure that our students are receiving personalized help in reading, writing, listening and speaking. We work closely with the Language Arts department to ensure that our students succeed.

Our team of EAL specialists are trained and qualified to help improve and elevate the language abilities of all of our students. Our teachers work closely with our students to identify their needs and develop a plan to help improve their English skills. Our EAL teachers use a variety of different strategies to help guide our students through the different levels of the programs.

From our most basic level 1 to our most advanced level 4, our teachers are using all of their efforts and resources to develop in depth the language skills of our students.

The Canadian International School of Beijing provides the EAL department with modern 21st century technological resources. These resources are used to deliver effective language development lessons.

At CISB, we have two different EAL programs in our middle and high school. We have the Intensive Language Development Program for our EAL level 1 and 2 students in grades 6, 7 and 8. This program offers full-time EAL support for our language learners. They receive specialized help in all content areas, where the main focus is language development.

Once our students move out of the Intensive Language Development Program, they move into our Transitional Language Development Program. In this program, they receive 7 periods of EAL support over the course of the two-week schedule. This program is for our level 3 and 4 EAL students in grades 6-10.

When our students achieve an EAL Level 5, they are no longer required to take our EAL program.

Chinese Language

Students from preschool to grade 10 are expected to participate in a daily Chinese lesson. Classes from grades 2 to 10 are leveled based on assessment. The program of studies promotes language acquisition and refinement as well as exposure to cultural and artistic traditions.


Additional Language

Students in the IBDP are encouraged to study in their native language and required to follow a second language to complete the program. At this time, language instruction is offered to students in high school in English and Chinese as well as French and Korean.

If scheduling allows, students in middle school will be offered conversational French on at least a weekly basis.


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